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All-Nutrient Cream Hair Color is made in a natural base of pure vegetable oils and keratin protein to allow for a more gentle penetration of hair color pigment, ensuring greater depth of color, long-term durability and healthier hair.

This cream hair color provides 100% gray coverage, the most natural looking neutrals, an ultimate high lift blonde collection an ultra vibrant selection of reds.

ALL-NUTRIENT® hair care products are richly formulated with all-natural ingredients to provide nourishment and protection for the hair—from the beginning, as it grows. This 'vitalizing effect' on the scalp and roots enables hair to grow in healthy, right from the start.

ALL-NUTRIENT® products are biodegradable and are never tested on animals. Our decision to utilize botanical, rather than animal-derived ingredients enables us to provide the consumer with 'quality without cruelty.'

No sodium Laureth Sulfate

No Cocamide DEA

No Cocamidopropyl Betaine

No Parabens

All-Nutrient, in addition to being organically based, is a low ammonia product making it even healthier for you and me. 

So what does this mean to client? It means I am committed to your health and the health of our environment. And because the product is made right here in the U.S.A., it means I want to support companies that manufacture in the U.S. and hire U.S. workers. It means that I use products that are held to FDA product standards. It means that I want to give you beautiful hair using the newest and safest products.

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